spain 2020

What it’s like to work under a Spanish curfew

Ronda is certainly one of the most historic and exciting places in Andalusia. After we came to the indescribably peaceful Parque Natural de la Sierra de Grazalema and Los Alcornocales in a sureal-looking small town on the 10th day of our trekking tour on the GR 7 long-distance hiking trail. Unaware of a royal decree and the announced state of alarm in all of Spain, we wondered about the deserted street. Only the presence of the Guardia Civil and a first conversation let us imagine the willow of our coming two-week curfew.

Back in Germany

we didn’t see a Puente Nuevo (historical bridge) or the famous bullring Plaza de Toros de Ronda in Ronda .. but we applauded with the neighbors every evening at 8 p.m. sharp and had a completely new experience in Spain.
I had my little MacBook Air with me and was able to use this time for design work. Perhaps this experience will also flow into a new, graphic world. I wish the Spaniards all the best!